A dream

I was going through this one folder on my laptop – ‘Writings’ – where I store all of my little and often ridiculous spontaneous texts. There was another folder within that one called ‘Dreams’ and I found a couple of dreams I’ve had and it was an amusing read, I must admit.

The funny thing about dreams is, after you wake up and try to comprehend what was going on in your head, everything is so clear and everything makes so much sense. Once you quickly write the dream down, it still makes sense. Now, I’ve read about a dream I’ve had about a month ago and I had no recollection of it in my mind whatsoever. I was reading it and thinking ‘did I actually ever have a dream like this??’ Weird stuff. Anyway, here’s a disturbing dream…


I remember the tide coming in onto the shore. The sand was a lovely shade of beige, kissed by the sun, yet I cannot tell whether it was a sunrise or a sunset. My friends were little figurines, like in some sort of a game, it was all very strange, yet seemed perfectly normal in that stage of a dream. I controlled the game, but I don’t know what the rules were or what the game itself was. I remember deep in my unconscious imagining myself kissing my best friend and it felt so real. I suppose my sexual drive is somewhat high, as it is per usual; that is no secret to me. I remember being in a nostalgia shop and picking up this booklet in which was a CD with a soundtrack from Bram Stoker’s Dracula – I started listening to it, as the booklet turned out to be a CD player as well; oh, I wish such things existed in real life. I was reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula before falling asleep, which explains this fascinating detail in my dream. My mum did not let me purchase the CD, which did upset me greatly, yet the location in a dream turned into our home, where I was listening to the soundtrack and humming along with it, whilst making little bunches of flowers – miniature ones, and showing them to my mum, who I do not know if was fascinated by or completely bored of my creativity. I woke up feeling very confused; there was still a hint of the music from the dream somewhere in the background – very faint, but somewhat real. I heard my mum sipping her coffee in the living room and there was a quiet sound of something playing on TV. When I finally sat up, trying to wake myself up completely, all the sounds started fading and the rooms were filled with silence and a soft snore of my mum who was peacefully asleep as well.


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