I think the best places to be are those that inspire you. At first they astonish you with their beauty, then they unravel their history, showing you the stories of people who have once lived, whose feet touched the same surface you stand on, whose words filled the empty streets you’re gazing at with wonder in your eyes. Then you take on what is given and unintentionally start creating stories of your own. You see this old theatre down the street? Many years ago, a girl known by many stage names left her story there; a story that eventually became a play. That never happened, but in my imagination it did. If a place fills your mind with ideas that excite you, then this is where you have to be. For me this place was Prague, and even though I’ve visited it as a tourist, its stories will stay with me till the end of time, and I will definitely go back there before that end comes.

P9041702 P9051749 P9071859 P9071872 P9071889 P9081950

There is only one word that comes to my mind every time I remember Prague – magical. Its magic was to tie my heart to this city. Franz Kafka put it perfectly – ”Prague never lets you go…this dear little mother has sharp claws”


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