on writing

What good does it do?

A line that popped into my head and I felt an urge to write it down as if it will start a story of its own. And it sort of did, because I just started writing all of this down without intention, but now I do have an intention to write about writing.

Writing is like a can opener but for the brain. You have this infant of an idea, this little seed that wants to grow and it is suppressed until you release it through words. It’s like, at first there’s annoyance, the same kind of annoyance you get with the can that you need to use can opener for. Too much effort, isn’t it? But you’re hungry. There’s nothing else to eat. So, you find the goddamned opener and cut into the can. The action of writing compares to this in a way that the idea almost gives you a headache – a headache you’re willing to ignore until it goes away because you can’t be bothered to grab your notebook and a pen, or a laptop, or a typewriter or whatever bloody machine does the thing. Then you start the work and it goes from there. From that single cut of the lid of the can, the knife glides along its edge and the juice of the contents spills through the edges, which you don’t have the control over. You intend to open the can only half-way but you catch yourself going until the lid is suddenly in your hands. The thing with writing is, once you trigger the idea, your brain just opens the hell up and words spill all over the surface of the paper and your fingers can barely keep up with the sentences that move through your head at the speed of light. You intend to only release the idea and let it grow and develop a little but suddenly you have a page full of, well, stuff, that you just can’t control and it’s hard to stop and you must catch the idea until you run out of paper and stuff it into the Pandora box that your head is.

That’s the problem with writers. We’re literal walking Pandora boxes and the only way to stop something from opening them is to keep them closed. Others prefer the term ‘writer’s block’. That ain’t true. We keep ideas inside our heads until we get migraines and it feels like our heads are about to explode and it drives us insane, but so does the infinite flow of words and releasing them does not relieve the pressure inside our skulls.

It’s a lifelong condition, sorry.


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