Homesick (again)

Those who live at home

Who are able to work at home

Who are able to love

To laugh

To speak

At home

Are the lucky ones.

By home I don’t mean the four walls

With family pictures on them.

By home I mean homeland

With its vast green fields

With the language your heart beats to

With the roads you’d walk

With your eyes closed.

Homeland is like this fine lover

That knows your notes

And how to play them

When you’re far away.


But God knows

My heart is weeping


I was torn away

From where I belong.



The Starry Night

Last night I walked

A long-known road

Where a house resides

I lived in before.

I looked up at the sky

And did not even dare

To look back down

Onto the bare ground.

The sky drowned in stars;

All of them so bright

 Promising me to be

Showered in luck and light.